Members Race Number List

Official Race Number list, vacant numbers are available for one day event use or new members


  1. If you are a full member, please check your name and Race Number are correct on the Members Race Number List.
  2. If you intend entering on a one day club membership, review the Members Race Number List and contact me with your preferred vacant temporary number. Note that only two one day club memberships are available per person yearly.
  3. Check this race number is displayed clearly on the front and both side plates of all your machines you intend to race.
  4. Also, check the Class Identification Letter is displayed clearly on the front and both side plates refer to 2023 Manual of Motorcycle Sport section 9.8.1 and as shown below.

Class Identification

A letter will be:

     a) Used to identify the class of the Machine,

     b) Placed on the left side of all three Race plates,

     c) 50mm high and in upper case,

     d) The same colour as the Race number

Identification letters for each class are:

     Pre – 1960 “A”

     Pre – 1965 “N”

     Pre – 1970 “H”

     Pre – 1975 “X”

     Pre – 1978 “Z”

If you need any clarification on Race Numbers or Class Identification Letters please email me at

Download the Riders Race Number List Members Race Number List 11-08-2024