Registrar, Signatories, Scruntineers and Policy

Please click on link below to see the new Classic Scramble Club Inc club permit scheme.

This will come into effect from the 1/7/18 and is a requirement of Vic Roads. All queries regarding Club permit scheme are to be directed to Garry Singleton, club Registrar, via email or mobile phone. All Vic Roads permit renewals to be sent to Club secretary (Garry Singleton) for signing and approval. All new registrations require an appointment to be made with either Brad Halliday or Frank Meade, club scrutineers, for bike inspections and approvals.

CSC club permit scheme

                   – Garry Singleton (Signatory & Registrar)

                     16 Sundial Blvd,

                     Tarneit. 3029. Vic



                 – Brad Halliday (Signatory and Scutineer)

                    5 San Remo Dve,

                    Werribee. 3030.



Scutineer – Frank Meade (Signatory and Scrutineer)

                     94 Darlington Rd

                     Mortlake. 3272