Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I continue using one-day club memberships?

A. Only two one day club memberships are available per person yearly.


Q. Do I get club points with a one-day membership?

A. Only full members accumulate club points.


Q. Can I ride my Evo or Mini Bike at classic Scramble Club Events?

A. Our series doesn’t allow Evo bikes or Mini bikes.


Q. Can I enter an event on the day?

A. No you need to enter online via the UPCOMING EVENTS page before the deadline. On the day of the event we are not able to process late entries.


Club Contacts

President – Phil Sceney         

                        0409 403 684


Secretary – Phil Dane

                        0403 911 462



Treasurer – David Coates

                        0401 209 088



Committee  – Phil Grellet

                        0428 426 993